Stop the Buzzing and Biting

Schedule mosquito control services in Kendallville & Fort Wayne, IN

Don't let mosquitos take over your property. Call on DeadOne Pest Control, LLC for residential or commercial mosquito control services in the Kendallville & Fort Wayne, IN area. We can use a combination of mist systems, fog machines and chemical sprays to exterminate every last mosquito on your property. That way you'll be able to host backyard get-togethers or serve your restaurant guests in peace.

We have over a decade of experience ridding properties of mosquitos. Reach out right away to arrange for mosquito removal services.

Find out how to avoid major mosquito problems

DeadOne Pest Control is your go-to mosquito removal company in Fort Wayne, IN. You can help us prevent mosquitos from swarming on your property by:

  • Getting rid of standing water
  • Treating ponds or any other bodies of water
  • Removing brush piles
  • Cleaning your gutters regularly

Want to keep your family safe from the Zika and West Nile virus? Contact us today to learn more about our mosquito control services.